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SUNRISE OASIS LIGHTING LLC has spent years building a reputation as the leading supplier of high-end designer lighting solutions with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. We have over 18,000 modern lights available which range from legendary mid-century modern lighting to cutting-edge contemporary lighting for today’s homes. Our mission is to provide each client with reliable advice, professional service, and the most innovative lighting solution for their specific requirements.

Whether you need vanity lights for your bathroom lighting, pendants for your kitchen lighting, or recessed, track, or cable lighting for a custom lighting application, SUNRISE OASIS LIGHTING LLC has the highest quality solutions on the market. There are over 200 high-end lighting manufacturers to choose from at SUNRISE OASIS. When it comes to finding inspiration and ideas for how to light your house or project, choosing between lighting alternatives is really exciting. To find the perfect accent to your home’s decor, shop for lighting fixtures by colour, material, and finish.

Our products contribute to an improve the quality of your life while also conserving our environment’s limited resources. All our products will impress you with their ease of specification and application, outstanding performance in the field, ease of installation and maintenance, and resource-friendly disposal at the end of life. Because of their high efficiency and long service lives, our products help to conserve energy and scarce resources.

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