About us

thumb8The provision of these diverse integral services  through high levels of professionalism, flexibility and quality, contributed to the evolvement of high trained and experienced teams, in both sectors public and private. All our technical and management staff is constantly seeking out innovation in processes, technologies and systems applied to lighting sector.

The growth that the Company has experienced since its creation in both turnover and staff as well as in its operation items, enables us to consider that Sunrise oasis lighting will soon situate itself amongst the leaders in the lighting consulting sector.

Dear customers please allow us to thank you for your valuable support and trust you have placed in our company, We assure you that we will make every effort to provide you better service and meet your requirements. We would like to thanks all Sunrise oasis staff members for their commitment and prudent, professional approach.

With a prominent presence in the UAE markets for over 12 years our company has established their market leadership through superb quality, reliability, durability and after sales service giving our distributors an edge in the competitive UAE market.

Our fundamental principles are team work, confidence in people, decentralized operations, sharing of results and social responsibilities

Sunrise oasis has hundreds of varieties of lighting, with world class quality standards and a global presence. We are active in the wholesales as well as retail business, we represent and consolidate group of companies, and focus on maintaining the philosophical unity and strategic direction of all group subsidiaries.

Sunrise Oasis Lighting dynamically adapts to social and economic changes by continuously refining our service portfolio, we augment our capabilities in constructing related services to our customers, focus on profitable segments and systematically extend our international market. With this clear strategy, our Company is well prepared to face the challenges of the market.